Summer is here!! :)

The days of summer are here. Today the temperature reached 35°C and we were all enjoying our air conditioning running. Humidity is just starting so its not a bad heat, but after months of low to mid teen’s weather this is a wonderful change. Soon we will dislike the hot weather, we will want it to cool off, however for now, this is a welcomed change.

Personally I like summer, but here in Canada summers are short. After all, its only 2-3 months of summer hot weather. I enjoy riding bikes, going for long walks, driving up to the great lakes for the day. Nature has a lot to offer. Unfortunately our lives are so busy that we don’t take the time to enjoy it. Sometimes I wish I had a lot of money so that I can enjoy more of nature, and have more time to spend with my family.

Happy New Year 2017

It has been a few months since I’ve posted to my blog, I have been busy with my family. 

In this blog I wanted to speak to new years, new beginnings. For many people New Year means new beginnings, new opportunities, new year’s resolutions. It seems as though that for most, new years resolutions end after the first few days. There are a select few that will keep the new year resolution until end of January (good for you for sticking it out).There is also an extreme minority that keeps their new year’s resolutions longer; I applaud your dedication.

I have been wondering lately if we don’t keep those resolutions because they are too big or too time consuming, or because it is easier to make resolutions and update them on quarterly, monthly or even weekly basis?

I think with our daily lives, we need to take some time and review our goals and resolutions on more regular basis. 

Best wishes for 2017 to you all.

Happy 1st birthday Markus

​Happy birthday our bundle of joy. May you have beautiful smiles for the rest of your life, good health and prosperity. Mama and Tata love you. 4:36am on October 21, 2015 was the happiest moment in my life. Kochamy Cię z całego serca, niechaj Ci się powodzi w całym Twoim życiu. Sto Lat Markus!

Fall is here

No matter where you look, you can see that fall is here in Canada. The trees are looking so beautiful, all the colors are changing and the leafs are starting to fall down. It’s also much cooler outside, especially at night. Sleeping with an open window you must put a blanket to cover yourself, or in the morning you will be really cold.

Fall season is associated with cold and flu. The temperature change allows for the bacteria to coma back to life, and attack us human beings. Yes, I’ve been unfortunate as well. First my 11 month old son picked up a fever and stuffy nose. He shared his germs with my wife. She on the other hand shared them with me. Oh the act of love. You share everything, hugs and kisses and those nasty germs.

Like most Canadians to me this means a winter is near. Snow is coming, it’s inevitable. I really hope that this year the winter is mild.

Air Canada pretzels

Lately I’ve been trying to diet alongside my lovely wife. It’s definitely been adventurous and I’ve noticed that good diet makes me feel better. I guess it’s correct, you are what you eat.

We decided to follow a diet of no carbs. It is a very difficult diet because every meal we’ve had previously had carbs. No bread, rice, quinoa, potatoes. Pretty much nothing yummy. It’s very difficult to be on this diet because I have to remember that I’m on it, and remember what I’m not allowed to eat.

We also decided to not eat sugar. That was a bit less challenging for me as I rarely have a sweet tooth. I tend not to have desert after dinner, so only when it’s given to me, I’ll munch. What can I say, I don’t like to ruin a good meal with desert.

This morning I took a flight from Toronto to Ottawa. It’s a short flight, so usually they give you a snack and a small drink. My wife informed me that morning flights get a cookie. I was very disappointed because as you probably gathered I like pretzels.

I tried many pretzels, and I seriously can’t find ones like these anywhere in the stores. Wow, you diet so much and someone wiggles something you love in front of your nose, and you forget all about that diet. I love Air Canada pretzels, and am always happy to be on short flights that serve them. I just wish there was more!

From all the pretzels I’ve had, these are best. I’ve got no idea what they put in them, or whether they’re so fresh, but they taste amazing.

This short flight was definitely worth breaking my diet habits today. Thanks for reading, and next time you’re on a short Air Canada flight, enjoy the treat, hopefully you get their amazing pretzels.

Microsoft version of Synergy

Do you remember the days where Synergy used to be free? You could install it on different computers, and share 1 mouse and one keyboard?

Well those days are done. Synergy is no longer free, as I found out recently looking for it.

While searching, I found this neat Microsoft tool that pretty much does the same thing. The only drawback is that it only works for Microsoft products (Windows)

It is really easy to install, and quit to setup. Options are well documented. Check it out here:

How to change RDP Port number

In order to change the Windows Remote Desktop Port used to RDP into the machine, you need to update the registry of your windows machine.

Using keyboard shortcut “Windows key+r” you will get the windows Run Command window.

Type “regedit.exe” and click OK button to open the Registry Editor.

Navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp

Double click on “PortNumber” and change the Base radio button to “Decimal” in order to see the port number.

From here, you can change your port number, suggested 3390 or 3391.

Breakfast with a view

Well, we woke up at a whopping 7am… As usual, I’m hungry.
So we went to a nearby place called Classic Cafe East.
Can you believe that they don’t open until 8am?
Regardless of the opening hours, we were greeted by a nice lady at 8am and sat at a table near the window. Really nice view.


I would love to have a breakfast here every day.

So we got our menus. Cool stuff. They have Health Human & Hungry Human on the menu! Check it out!


I decided to get Fish Cakes and Toutons.

While waiting for our Breakfast, Chantale noticed that there is a tide coming in. Can you believe that we were able to see the tide wave coming in? Insane… Check it out


Ok, breakfast is here.


The toutons was delicious. I was really satisfied. I’ve never had scrunchins, so I asked the waitress to include some on my plate. Can you believe that it’s like a deep fried pork fat? Below is a pic of me eating this delicious salty, fatty Newfie breakfast item.


Breakfast was great, and I’m excited for the rest of my day. Going whale watching…

There comes a time

Lately I’ve been noticing the morale of people around me degrading at work, and it’s beginning to bother me. I see that there have been changes, that are giving people negative impression and making things worse.

Humans are very communal and frequently they create negativity to rebel, and it rubs off on others, in other words, “Monkey see, Monkey do”

I wish there was a magic wand that could make everyone happy, but that’s not possible. Even children have their times of happiness and unhappiness. This social behavior is normal, but how do you cope?

There are a few techniques you can use; for example distance yourself from a person that is negative. This technique works well if you are able to apply, but usually it’s easier applied to single individual.

Next, you can try to take some time for yourself. If you find that you’re easier bothered, maybe you’re burning out. Maybe you need to take some time and do nothing. Go for a trip, a walk, a drive.

If your techniques are not working, maybe it’s time to move on, find new friends, job, or a city to live in.

I know it’s not always possible to do any of the above, but hang in there, stay positive.